As you regain consciousness you hear a grunting noise, and you jump to your feet to see a pack of zombies coming for you. You grab a handy nearby shovel and manage to crush the face of the first one, but there are so many of them, and they just keep coming. You smash one, and then another, but you know you'll fall soon. You almost regret choosing to come to this world, but then suddenly you hear shots, and the head of the zombie next to you explodes, and then the next closest, and suddenly you're standing in the middle of a pack of dead zombies. You turn to see who saved you, and find Alice coming towards you. She walks up to you and puts her gun to your head. "Were you bitten?" she asks. You shake your head, and she looks you over and then nods and puts away her gun. "Come with me." You follow her back to an abandoned warehouse where four others are waiting. "I found this one in the streets," she tells them. "Do you want to be a part of our plan?" asks another woman.

Of course.
What's the plan?
This Choose Your Own Adventure is created by Danielle Bazinet, with a little help from her friends.