"Quick get up! You don't want to be late!" You barely have time to recover before you are pulled to your feet by a giant white rabbit. "The new Red Queen is having her coronation ceremony!" he tells you excitedly. "Everyone must go!" You follow him to the palace, surrounded by a large crowd of odd characters. Once everyone is gathered in the courtyard a trumpet starts to play and everyone falls silent. A young woman walks out onto a balcony above you and lifts her hands in greeting. "Good day, good people of Wonderland," she calls. "I am Friselda, your new Red Queen. I am not interested in ruling with fear as my predecessor did," she announces, to great cheers from the crowd. She holds up a hand for silence. "And so I will only set one decree; that there shall be no more puns. I absolutely abhor puns - I don't know anyone who actually enjoys them. Therefore, joking about synonyms, and homonyms is forbidden. If you are caught disobeying this law it will be off with your head!"

Turn to the lettuce beside you and say, "Better watch it, you've got a very nice head there!"
Clap along with everyone else and go on your way.
This Choose Your Own Adventure is created by Danielle Bazinet, with a little help from her friends.