The woman is stunned for a minute when you punch her, and you lunge for the driver and get a hold of the wheel. The vehicle swerves out of control and crashes into a lamppost. You pull the door open and jump out, but the woman grabs your ankle and you fall to the ground. "You're not going to get away!" she yells, as she pulls out her katana. Just as she is about to lop your head off, someone yells, and a hammer comes swinging through the air to lodge in her head. She falls over, and a moment later a shaggy Korean man runs in to retrieve the hammer. "Thanks man," you say, but he is silent. With his hammer back in his hand he turns and starts to walk away.

Follow him.
Go home. It's not too late to catch Spiderman.
Sweet! A katana!
This Choose Your Own Adventure is created by Danielle Bazinet, with a little help from her friends.