The woman glares at you. "The man in blue? How did you know about him?" You shrug and answer, "I just do." She nods and grabs you by the collar of your shirt. "Very well then; you're coming with me." She pulls you down the driveway to the street where a van is waiting. A man wearing plaid and denim is at the wheel and he salutes the woman in purple spandex when she gets in. She turns to you and starts to explain, "For years now we have been experimenting with metamorphosis. The results have been... varied. In any case, thanks to you, we can test our next subject; the ultimate predator."

"Uh... I think I should go home after all."
"Sweet! A wolverine!"
Punch her in the face and try to take control of the van.
This Choose Your Own Adventure is created by Danielle Bazinet, with a little help from her friends.